Zankas Silverkin

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Lt. Zankas Silverkin commands the Watch post in Tavick’s Market. Although he ultimately reports to the Black Arch garrison, the posts generally have a lot of autonomy in how they run their investigations and police their districts. The majority of crimes reported in Tavick’s Market involve theft or burglary. The post also routinely works with the post in Terminus to combat smuggling operations, calling on extra forces from Black Arch when necessary. As such the post is better staffed than other districts in Middle Tavick’s Landing.

Silverkin is an ambitious man who rose quickly to Post Commander for one so young. He has a haughty nature and tends to assume that those who come under his scrutiny are guilty.

Zankas Silverkin planned to illegally collect a bounty on a group of convicts awaiting transfer to Black Arch. When the prisoner’s escaped of their own accord, ahead of Silverkin’s timetable, they were killed by the PC’s, disrupting Silverkin’s plans. Silverkin thought his plan could be salvaged with the PC’s assistance. By not reporting their deaths, he could allow a bounty to be posted. He could then file a claim with the PC’s support that the goblins were slain 3 days later, and allow the PC’s to claim the bounty (of which a sizable portion would be his.) Not trusting him to hold up his end of the bargain, the PC’s declined. It remains to be seen what his attitude will be toward the heroes in the future.

Zankas Silverkin

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