Sharn (Metropolis)

Population: 211,850; Integrated (33% human, 17% dwarf, 9% halfling, 9% goblinoid, 8% gnome, 7% elf, 5% half-elf, 4% shifter, 3% changeling, 2% orc and half-orc, 1% warforged, 1% kalashtar, 1% other races).

Government: Seventeen representatives of Sharn’s wards form a City Council that appoints a Lord Mayor and administers the city’s vast bureaucracy.

Defense: The Sharn Watch enforces the laws of the city and patrols the streets, but it is riddled with corruption. A branch of the Watch called the Guardians of the Gate monitors the activities of foreigners in the city, alert to the possibility of espionage and subterfuge. the Redcloak Battalion, and elite military unit, is activated in situations that require extreme force.

History: There has been a major settlement on the Hilt of the Dagger River since before recorded history. The current metropolis, Sharn, has existed since the formation of the original Five Nations, about seven hundred years after humans rose to prominence on the continent. For more than two millennia, the towers of of Sharn have grown, rising thousands of feet into the sky. This vertical expansion has given the metropolis its title: The City of Towers.


Dura, The largest quarter in Sharn, and one of the oldest, covers the great expanse of the western plateau from the cliffs overlooking the Dagger River to the crevasse that opens into the western part of the Cogs. Dura rises from the ruins of the ancient cities that occupied this position on the Dagger River. As the city has grown through the centuries, though, Sharn has left Dura behind. Today, many consider Dura a blight on the city, riddled as it is with poverty and crime. Dura is home to the majority of the lower Classes of Sharn, and Lower Dura is little better than the Cogs. Even its topmost levels are only solidly middle class. Nonetheless, Dura is the heart of the city’s port trade. Cargo passes from the docks of Cliffside up through Dura and most of the vast warehouse districts are found in its lower ward.

Dura contains a mix of businesses and housing, and includes a number of apartments, tenements, and slums. The lower levels of Dura include a large population of immigrants from Darguun and Droaam, forming a neighborhood of goblinoids and other monstrous residents.

Central Plateau is the heart of Sharn. The top levels of this section of the city include the seat of the city’s government and its bustling finance districts. The middle levels hos the enclaves of the dragonmarked houses (which some consider the real government of the city) and the embassies of the other nations of Khorvaire. The location of the Central Plateau makes its residential neighborhoods highly desirable and its marketplace the busiest in the city.

A wall studded with towers rings the Central Plateau at its lowest level. Inside the wall, structures rise higher and higher toward the tallest towers in the center of the plateau, creating a great artificial mountain at the heart of the city.

Menthis Plateau serves as the entertainment hub of the city, and is home to Morgrave University with a variegated quilt of different races. The most trendy of Sharn’s Quarters, Menthis is a popular tourist destination. No walls surround Menthis though its tallest towers are spread along it’s outer rim. The enormous dome of Morgrave University, ringed by five tall, slender towers, stands near the center of the plateau. The central location of the Menthis Plateau attracts visitors to it from all over the city, who come to sample its entertainment offerings.

Northedge, The most residential of Sharn’s quarters, contains everything from towertop penthouses in the heights to tightly packed apartments on the lower levels. Aside from a marketplace district near the bottom of the towers, Northedge is a quiet neighborhood with little commerce and little crime. Most of its inhabitants are artisans and commoners, people who make an honest living.

Tavick’s Landing, at the eastern edge of the city. Is in some ways defined by being the terminus of the Orien lightning rail line and trade road. The lower levels cater to travelers and traders entering Sharn by rail, and include an entire city district that has been converted to provide housing for refugees from the Last War. The middle and upper levels are broader in their purposes, including a variety of trades, services and residential districts.

For most travelers, Tavick’s Landing is the gateway into Sharn. The Orien lightning rail station at Terminus brings in hundreds of people each day, and many more arrive by way of the Old Road at Wroann’s Gate. In many ways, Tavick’s Landing is the most eclectic quarter of Sharn, Blending residential areas with commercial entertainment districts that cater to the traders, travelers, and tourists who pass through the city.

Vertical Divisions


Upper Wards

Middle Wards

Lower Wards

The Cogs


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