Eberron: Brotherhood of the Wyvern

Rain of Fire

The Syberis dragonshard shower causes chaos in Sharn.

  • Six strangers were gathered at The Pour House, a tavern in the district of Cornerstone.
  • Something alerted them to danger and they managed to escape moments before the entire tavern was crushed by falling debris. Once outside they saw what appeared to be fire raining from the heavens. While the meteors were not much larger than a small pony, they fell with incredible force, destroying bridges, and punching holes right through towers, as they careened toward the earth.
  • With no one else to help, our heroes extinguished fires, saved a shifter woman from being trapped under a fallen beam, and caught a falling boy moments before he struck the pavement.
  • Hearing an alarm sound they raced ahead to Tavick’s Market. They arived just as a gang of Goblins blast a hole in the Watch Post wall and ran for their freedom.
  • The groups charged one another, fighting bitterly among the burning wreckage of the open air market stalls.
  • Balgron the Fat, tried to escape into a side alley, but was pursued. Unable to see his attacker he attempted to ambush him as he rounded the corner. To his surprise Orlando materialized in front of him as his shortsword slid into Balgron’s throat.
  • After exchanging magical blasts with the Hobgoblin warcaster, and shrugging off the incredible strength of the bugbear brute, the heroes prevailed.
  • As the heroes closed in on the remaining goblins, a crossbow bolt shot out of the darkness slaying the wounded one. “Halt in the name of the Watch!” a blond, heavily-armed dwarf cried.



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